Only link between vegetarian, vegan is - avoiding meat While veganism is a lifestyle, organic is a method of farming. To adapt to veganism, major challenge for Indians is to cut dairy product

To say that the discourse around veganism is often rife with misinformation or even pre-conceived notions is an understatement. For many, a lot of information obtained - whether fully incorrect or partially presented - serves as a major hurdle towards adopting, or even attempting to adopt a vegan diet.

And so, World Vegan Day - observed annually on 1st November is perhaps the most fitting day of all to highlight some of the more commonly held notions about the diet, as well as highlight a cake decorator who is focused mainly on vegan cakes! SarahJane SJ from the South of Malta.

Cakes are something we all relate to in some form or another. Whether it’s a Birthday cake we've eaten or a Wedding Cake we've ordered, we've all experienced some work done by a cake decorator. This month we couldn’t wait to interview SJ in Malta who is the talk of the town for her unusually themed vegan creations.

Very different cakes from the norm, from Horror, Gore themed, Anti Gravity Cakes to Sweet Innocent all edible handmade Characters, her main area of expertise is Vegan Desserts and she is loving this niche market!

Q: You are a very talented Cake Decorator in Malta. What types of cakes do you offer and which is your main area of expertise?

I offer very different cakes from the norm... Anything from Horror/Gore themed Anti Gravity Cakes to Sweet Innocent all edible handmade Characters. My main area of expertise is Vegan Desserts.

Q: Which part of Malta are you based?

South Mainly, but we deliver all over the island.

Q: How many years have you been working in this industry and what do you love about it?

I‘ve been in catering for more than 13 years now. I love the variety of emotions that my Desserts bring out in people... It’s rewarding to see the reaction on their faces. When they see the unusual cake that their family or friends ordered for them!

Q: Edible Oddities - How did you come up with this concept?

Well, I m a creative person and I got bored seeing the usual desserts literally everywhere in every shop... no variety. I wished to express myself differently. Sometimes I do get lost in all the details and construction of the cake, but its always different and I love staying motivated and challenged!

Q: Who do you make cakes for? Private or Businesses or Both?


Q: Where can one see your work and contact you?

Find us on, Facebook and Instagram.

That’s awesome!

Can’t wait to have a great excuse to order some creations from you for one of our upcoming events!!

Thank you for meeting with us SJ!

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