Malteve is a social technology project, which launches a unique Application that brings together companies, businesses, organizations and artists to show people current events and upcoming events in their vicinity. Who is a potential partner? Potential customers or partners are restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, sports bars, night clubs, clubs, karaoke, billiards, tea houses, theaters, cinemas and summer cinemas, wine cellars, bowling alleys, casinos, wellness venues, and anyone who provides a service on the Maltese islands. . We managed to grab some time with Martin Knowless, the brain behind app to 

ask a few questions about it.

Hi Martin, Congratulations about launching a sister project to #MaltaTV Q: What is the idea of this app? So the ideas is simple. We all in the entertainment businesses know how expensive it is to keep marketing activities going on regularly to grow our businesses.  The main goal of 

is to teach and assist Maltese businesses how to create a platform that allows them to cooperate together instead of competing with each other with advertising. Q: How? For example, myself as an owner of a digital marketing agency, knows that a  small  restaurant has to spend around 100 a week on social media platforms just to keep in touch with its clients, to bring in potential new customers. That is an average of 400 euros paid for online ads plus and agency fee. is an online solution. With based on the crowdfunding system all restaurants together working on one huge marketing campaign,  where all of them can only 

benefit for a price of 1 coffee per day. Obviously because we are connected to Malta TV channel there are various extra promotional and visibility values coming in after they subscribe. . Q: Who can use it ? As you already mentioned restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, sport bars, night clubs, karaoke, tea houses, theaters, cinemas, summer cinemas, wine cellars, bowling alleys, casinos and wellness venues. I would add hotels, apartmans for short lets and if whoever feels like 'YES we should be there too' They can just mail us on and we try to work out solution for them. So YES Malteve should be availible for everyone who is providing a service on Maltese Islands. Q: What will people find on it when they download it? So firstly for now app works only on the websites, our Android and IOs app is currently developing. We are currently in the early launch phase so I would say that we really 

super appreciate feedbacks we are getting from the businesses because there are certain things we are learning from the point of view of the users.

Q: What is the advantage to people who participate on it? Saving money on marketing, being part of the project with huge potential and obviously more visible. Q: Is it the only app of its kind in Malta? YES there is no other ones with this same concept as ours! We are always saying at Malta TV 

and that it’s all about being different and that’s exactly what we gonna do 😊 Q: I see that there is a contest at the moment for cash prizes. What does it involve? Yes we are going to give away cash prize every end of November. People  who like our page 

Malta TV Facebook, follow our Instagram malta_tvchannel and share our page 

are in the chance to win CASH PRIZES very easily. One winner will be announced every last day of the month oj our Instagram page. So the first winner will be announced on 30.11.2020 if you start sharing now. Who will it be? Q: What is the difference between the Free application and the Business application? Benefits, we don’t like to let our partners pay money for no effect, that is why we have decided to add little extras to our paid plans such a marketing materials and activities. Also any event 

posted in planned (paid) option will be promoted from the crowd budget. This sounds super exciting! Thank you and good luck with this project! Sounds super cool! So ladies and gents, Visit !

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