If you are into the Maltese cuisine and you simply love the crunch and Mediterranean flavour of the

Maltese Hobza Biz-Zejt, well you have to try this recipe at least once in your life!

You will just love it as much as you'll love Malta and its local traditions.

To make the traditional Maltese"ħobż biż-żejt u t-tadam"(bread with oil and tomatoes), these are the ingredients you need:

• A Maltese loaf (Ħobża)​

• Ripe red tomatoes – You need about one whole one per slice of bread.​

• Some good quality olive oil. Maltese olive oil is fantastic, and worth the price.​

• Fresh black pepper and sea salt​

• Fresh basil or mint

This is how we make it:

• Slice the loaf of bread in thick slices.​

• Cut each tomato in half horizontally, so that all the seed pockets are exposed.​

• Then slowly rub the bread with the cut side of the tomato, squeezing the tomato whilst doing this, so

that the bread is stained with the colour of the tomato.​

• Place the tomatoes to the side. Pour some olive oil onto a plate, grind plenty of pepper and sprinkle

generous amounts of the sea salt.​

• Then you have to dip each half of the bread into the oil, and pat them together so that all the surfaces of

the bread are covered evenly.​

• Finally, put the tomatoes back on the bread and sprinkle with a little more salt and pepper to taste adding

chopped basil or mint.


We like it best when it is served with some fresh ġbejniet (Maltese goat cheeselets), olives, capers

and diced fresh onions.

Enjoy making "Hobz biz-zejt u tadam"!

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